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This consists of a large number of ebooks bundled up together that are not easily available at one individual place. American Ethnologist 23 4.

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New York and London: Routledge. Community Festivals, Paradox, and the Manipulation of Uncertainty.

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  • Proud of her training as a four-field anthropologist, she specialized in cultural anthropology. Her dissertation fieldwork in northern Cameroon examined processes of ethnic identity change in the town of Guider. Her ongoing interest in linguistic anthropology produced a book that compares the theories of the anthropological linguist Benjamin Whorf and the Russian literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin Dialogue at the Margins , Her ongoing interest in anthropological theory led to her current work in the anthropology of science and technology, with a particular focus on issues in contemporary evolutionary theory.

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    Since , she has been collaborating with philosophers of biology who favor expansion of the modern evolutionary synthesis to make room for processes like development and niche construction. Schultz has taught introductory general anthropology and introductory cultural anthropology on a regular basis for most of her career, and enjoys experiencing the excitement of beginning students who first discover the riches multi-field anthropology has to offer.

    She has also regularly teaches introductory linguistic anthropology, which has now become a required course in the anthropology major at St. Cloud State University. Other courses Schultz regularly offers include the anthropology of globalization, the anthropology of sex and gender, and the anthropology of food. She developed a new course on the anthropology of science and technology, and has occasionally taught courses on Society and Culture in Latin America and Society and Culture in Africa. Schultz is also the coauthor with Robert Lavenda of three textbooks in anthropology: two are introductions to cultural anthropology, and the third is an introduction to general anthropology.

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    Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. I was interested to read a very brief, rather parochial, account of the world of anthropology blogging over at the site of Anthropology News , the journal of the American Anthropological Association,.

    This prompted me to look a little more closely at our range of contributions, our diversity of contributors and our own editorial policies. Conference Website: www. We sincerely invite colleagues from all parts of the world to come to Macao, and share with us your ideas about communication and social media.