Cinematic Savior: Hollywoods Making of the American Christ

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The truth is that American men are going out of their minds because of our sex-crazed, feminist-court-controlled, whorish, morally-toxic, rotten society A sailor from the Navy who works in the ship's mailroom once told me that he felt sorry for a female serviceman whose life-size blowup doll broke out of the packaging. Word spread and she was laughed at by her peers. She missed her husband and wanted to sleep with a blow-up doll.

That's how crazy the world has become. She was lonely. Women don't belong in the military. She'll probably get raped before she is discharged. Thousands of military women have been sexually assaulted by their owns fellow troops. Even men have been raped by men, which is another reason that NDAA is being repealed. Now reports of male-on-male rape with be contested as consensual sex and very difficult to prosecute. LGBT can now let it all hang out! In a couple year the U. Uncle Sam is coming out!

Why do you think the Roman Catholic Church is plagued with homosexuals in the priesthood? Nearly HALF of all new priests entering the priesthood are queer. This is why little children are being molested and raped as alter boys and flower girls. Nuns are taught to keep quite, this is the Lord's work, actually teaching children that it is God's will for them to submit to the sexual advances of a lascivious priest.

Many books have been written on the subject, containing the testimonies of thousands of victims. Over 50, victims have come forward just in the past few decades in the Catholic Church.

On TV, a new Jesus comes into view

By the way: Captured U. The Iraqi's left her alive, boasting We sodomized and gang raped your daughter, America! This is likely why George W. The problem is that they killed a lot of innocent men. Then again, the newsmedia lies so much that you can't believe anything you hear, read or even see nowadays. After researching the matter, I do believe that Lynch is telling the truth now, years later.

She was raped and abused by Iraqi men. But you have to understand that this entire War in Iraq was never voted on by Congress.

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Jessica Lynch wouldn't have been in Iraq if it were not for the blatant, treasonous, war crimes of George W. Everything that we do in life has consequences, affects other things, helps or hurts others people. God will hold every one of us accountable for the decisions that we make in life and the results that follow.

We are living today in a pop trash culture of feminist women, who've chosen to become lewd, nude, rude and crude! Welcome to America, land of moral sewage, a cesspool of iniquity!

This is the subtle perverted, hellish, wickedness of Hollywood trash, being produced by Jews who are saturated with sexual-perversion in Judaism, the Talmud, Mormonism, Kaballah and Freemasonry. The Jewish Talmud permits sexual intercourse for Rabbi's with 3-year old girls. Is it any wonder why the pedophile saturated Mormon religion is rooted in the Jewish Talmud and Kabbalah?

Now you see the connection! Judaism is a sex perverted religion, as is Freemasonry. The primary symbols of Masonry are the square and compass which represent the male and female act of intercourse. The film is saturated with sex orgy after sex orgy, prostitution and thinks unspeakable.

Scientology a demonic religion based upon the satanism of Aleister Crowley , Tom Cruise is featured in the film with Nicole Kidman totally nude in the film. According to the movie script, Kidman is sitting on the toilet at the beginning of the movie and wipes her vagina with a tissue. This is Hollywood folks! The film was originally censored because it is so sexually graphic and hard-core pornographic, but America has deteriorate morally to the place where the film is now being sold in its original state.

American Gospel - Movie

Woe unto America! Kubrick Jewish is revered today as one of Hollywood's most infamous directors and producers. Stanley Kubrick was a sexual degenerate, pedophile, made infamous for his 's film, LOLITA about an older married man who's having sexual relations with an underaged teenager girl.

Kubrick began his filthy career in movies in the 's by producing scenes of rape and violence. The American public couldn't get enough, elevating Kubrick's smutty career into the stratosphere. Evolutionists and skeptics around the world loved it The film is annoying for the first few views, but then grows on a person after seeing it a few times. This has been said by many people who've seen the film.

The last half of the movie is far ahead of its time in the quality of filming they achieved for the late 's. Kubrick knew his cameras and how to use them, but he served Satan with his talents, producing some of the most shocking and immoral films ever. The film Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick is one of the most evil films ever produced, featuring vile scenes of rape and group sex orgies. In the movie some thugs beat a homeless man for no reason. Copycat crimes broke out all around England.

Gangs of youth thugs were going around randomly beating homeless people. Kubrick is a slime-ball who accepts no responsibility of his actions. While Kubrick makes hundreds-of-millions of dollars in profits, innocent homeless people are beaten to death, women are raped and sex orgies happen everywhere as a direct result of the film's demonic influence on society. The film is based on a book of the same title, which centers around the occult. There is much occult symbolism and meaning in Clockwork Orange. Allegedly the author of the book was angry over police brutality and it was the underlying fuel for his book.

Kubrick was a nutcase, a God-hating wicked man. Like Islam, Judaizers have fabricated their own mythical god that doesn't exist in reality. Everything that we do in this life, good or bad, has percussions. The law of cause and effect is a universal law. This is the reciprocating law of life. The Bible mentions it in Galatians Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. God will hold all men accountable for even their thoughts, much more there words and actions in eternity on Judgment Day Proverb ; Revelation ; Matthew Kubrick was not religious and never spoke about God publicly.

In one reference he remarked about "the God idea.

Cinematic Savior: Hollywood's Making of the American Christ

Hollywood sexualizes everything to make a buck. Americans have become so dirty-minded that movies today subtly introduce pedophilia into the viewer's mind. President is laying in bed alone with his 6-year old daughter. He answers the phone to talk to his wife. There's a beautiful young blonde sleeping next to me.

The comment made by the father to the mother on the phone is of a sexual nature What kind of sexually degenerate Hollywood piece of trash would joke about a father and child having sex? In December of , the Parents Television Council publicized a study condemning television executives who exploit underaged teenaged girls for profit.

The tragic part is that many, if not most, Americans defend such evil. Most people don't care, but they watch such filth on their TV, and so they contribute to the problem. It's far past the time for Americans to rid their life of TV.

Cinematic Savior: Hollywood's Making of the American Christ and Jesus of Hollywood

I don't care how much character you may think you have, you will see and hear things on TV that are going to hurt you spiritually. I guarantee you that Christians who watch TV everyday don't memorize and spend much time, if any, in the holy Scriptures. Even the best TV programs still have sexually suggestive commercials. Television has become synonymous with lasciviousness, sensuality and every form of sexual immorality.

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No wonder the United States is falling apart. We have tempted God's hand of judgment long enough! Katy Perry refuses to keep her clothes on , and is a she-devil. Perry is infamous for praising lesbianism and has had her sinful career boosted by none other than miss bestiality herself, Madonna, who is portrayed as receiving oral sex from a dog in her coffee table book titled, SEX.

Rock Hudson also died of A. Both men were flaming homosexuals in Hollywood with multiple lovers.