Communicating with Vulnerable Children

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It works for us. If the two parents let the children know that things will be alright, then guess what?

Things will be alright. We talk about divorce like it has to be the end of the world and while it might not be the most ideal thing, it happens to at least fifty percent of families and most of them turn out just fine.

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A lot of what happens is all about the life you create. There are some couples who talk about the divorce like it is all doom and gloom and honestly there are going to be good things that happen as a result too so why not talk to your children about those things? You might just end up being happier overall not being with that person so it is good to point out when you think that you are making a decision that is going to be a beneficial one in the end.

The children might not understand that if they are young but I think that they definitely could as they get older. Divorce is hard on any family and any children regardless of what the age is. There is a sense of stability that you have when your parents are still together that I think that you somewhat lose when they get divorced. I am here to tell you that no matter whether you handle it well nor handle it very poorly the kids are still going to be impacted in some way. It might be large and it could be small but it will be there. As a parent you have to be willing to understand that and work with them to get through the bad stuff.

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Communicating Effectively with Children and Young People.

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Communicating with Vulnerable Children: A Guide for Practitioners

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