Demystifying Switched Capacitor Circuits

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Switched capacitor

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Switched Capacitor Circuits - Lecture 3

Comparator-based switched capacitor circuit for scaled semiconductor fabrication processes. Single loop feed-forward modulator with summing flash quantizer and multi-bit feedback.

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Demystifying Switched Capacitor Circuits - Mingliang Liu, Michael Liu - Google книги

Description Reviews More Details. Description This book helps engineers to grasp fundamental theories and design principles by presenting physical and intuitive explanations of switched-capacitor circuits. Numerous circuit examples are discussed and the author emphasizes the most important and fundamental principles involved in implementing state-of-the-art switched-capacitor circuits for analog signal processing and power management applications.

Throughout the book, the author presents numerous step-by-step tutorials and gives practical design examples. While some quantitative analysis is necessary to understand underlying concepts, tedious mathematical equations and formal proofs are avoided. An intuitive appreciation for switched-capacitor circuits is achieved. Much of the existing information on contemporary switched-capacitor circuit applications is in the form of applications notes and data sheets for various switched-capacitor ICs.

This book compiles such information in a single volume and coherently organizes and structures it.


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