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But it's done in a carefully wrought way - neither underplayed, or gratuitous - just with apparent realism and all due consideration. There also is quite a lot of realism in the world of this series entry - that of rehearsing professional theatre. From the jokes about the children players and the parts they end up with, to the opinions of the old-timers, and beyond.

Sure, there are some times reality is bent for the sake of the story, but on the whole it's spot-on, and one further catch for the target audience, as they use an educative eye to see into the scenario. And, primarily, of course, there's the thriller side of things, which is very good. The author balances a smallish cast, and red herrings, intrigues, false leads and stronger clues, very well, to such an extent that - although this will not take an adult much over an hour to read - it will still provide a very pleasant puzzle. The right reader will easily get caught up in this title, and probably the others in the series, if this is an accurate sample.

And certainly with this volume we can applaud a sensible, measured and captivating little mystery puzzle for either gender, done with grit but no cause for parental concern, and a hefty dollop of sprightly and vividly-conveyed action. A very different-styled adventure set in a different theatreland we likewise recommend is The Betrayal by Mary Hooper.

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Personal tools Log in. I sort of admired Fawcett's televised treatment of her cancer.

It also made me cringe. Was it a genuine attempt to put a spotlight on a horrible disease or one more desperate plea for the spotlight? Probably a little of both. I choked up a bit when Paris Jackson, Michael's oldest daughter, proclaimed her love for her father and then buried her head in her aunt Janet's black mourning dress. Wow, I thought. A real John-John moment.

Then, the cynicism crept in: Was that exactly what the family was going for? I'm not suggesting that Paris didn't adore her father and wasn't genuinely heartbroken -- but why am I afraid that she'll be starring in her own reality show by the end of the year? Perhaps there have just been too many celebrity deaths this season for me to handle. Perhaps I've always believed that a funeral should be a personal, private matter.

Man who found Versace's killer speaks 20 years later

But here's the thing: In case I meet my demise in an untimely fashion, be aware that I've stashed away never-before-read columns in the bottom of my desk. My lawyers know what to do with them. Oh, and in a personal note to Mariah Carey: You are more than welcome to sing at my ceremony. And wear that dress.

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    Minneapolis St. Craig, Phillips seek probe over Trump Ukraine allegations. Duluth may charge retailers to charge 5 cents for bags. Former Gov. Arne Carlson blasts PolyMet process in Duluth.

    New 20/20 Dying To Be Famous: Versace Murder

    Twins bullpen has gone from a liability to a strength over the season. Celebrity chef, restaurateur Carl Ruiz dies at As immigrant kids fill Worthington's schools; bus driver leads the backlash. What is it like to be asexual?

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    These Minnesotans explain.