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This in itself is not only daunting but extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically. That can leave you feeling emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

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Despite this, having supportive family and friends goes a long way in allowing you to successfully cope with the many phases of PhD study. It's important to acknowledge the importance of your own well-being. This is often neglected while being in the PhD loop: conducting experiments in the lab, attending weekly meetings, obtaining and analysing data, preparing presentations, writing papers, writing the thesis and so forth.

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Thus, it becomes more important than ever to take care of ourselves during this busy time. So here are eight habits that I developed during the course of my doctorate studies that not only helped me to better cope with the ridiculous amount of stress, but also transformed me into someone who could, in any given situation, look beyond the stresses and truly appreciate the journey and still remain somewhat positive at the end of the day!

1. Don’t fight it.

Observe everything around you. From the smallest things to the bigger picture. But at the same time, remain detached from your surroundings rather than attached. This feeling of detachment allows for observance rather than an emotional response to what is happening around you.


Learning to detach and attach at will is so important in maintaining your well-being. Although that sounds ridiculous and hilarious , I realised soon enough that seriously cutting back on the amount of coffee I drank during a hectic day in the lab, or prior to any deadlines, was necessary. I now drink only one cappuccino in the morning on my commute, and an occasional second on a coffee break once a week. So I did not prioritise it. The solution was to release that mental and physical stress.

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I get all the cardio I need, my body gets a workout without straining my joints, it helps my back, and most of all I enjoy it — it leaves me feeling content and more relaxed. I of course feel the need to prioritise the bigger, more important things first, but this approach works for me. So I clear my to-do list as quickly as I can and then move on to the tasks that require my time and attention.

Either I was drawing, or learning new techniques to paint, or assembling creative leaving cards with pockets containing chocolate coins. All the effort and passion that I used to put into my art sort of got pushed aside while I was studying for A levels and then my degree. Since deciding to specialise in the life sciences, I realised that the educational system divided up the sciences and the arts so drastically that it left no room for appreciating how much overlap the two have. I now take images of my scientific research for art purposes and plan to submit an entry for the Art of Neuroscience competition, which is looking for striking visualisations related to the field of neuroscience in its broadest sense.

Mine, for example, was accepted to present at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago.

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Then comes scientific paper writing practice, which we all need by the end of our PhDs, and which can be solid training for future postdoctoral positions. Whether it be recording daily thoughts in short bursts, or a more elaborate written piece on my thoughts and ideas, I treat non-scientific writing as a sort of personal development exercise. The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me. Observing the natural world is always an uplifting experience that allows you to surround yourself with positive energy.

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Distance yourself from that which is negative, whether negative people or negative atmospheres. Your own well-being is important. Join us.

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