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Depending on the nature of the industry—marketing, communications or journalism to name a few—you might also bring writing samples with you to job interviews.

Believe it or not, there are ways you can show possible employers that you have leadership potential before you even enter the workforce. If you held a leadership role in college e. If you emerged as the informal leader on a group project, talk about the experience during the job interview.

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You need to be committed to your job responsibilities and understand that doing your job is more than just means to a paycheck—after all, a company stands for something beyond business and so should you. That's why Show up on time, be engaged in your work, and act with integrity.

Highlight these abilities to help yourself land a job.

Now that you know which attributes to highlight in order to turn heads, you'll want to feature them prominently on your resume, in addition to your quantifiable achievements. Need help with that? By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies.

Thank you! Before attending business school, Joe was an interviewer and recruiter for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Career Program in Boston for over four years.

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Joe gives resume workshops, career seminars, and frequently speaks on career issues in Southern California. Before becoming a resume writer, Patty worked as a marketing executive in the entertainment industry. While working in marketing, she wrote marketing copy and sales pitches. A lifetime writer, Patty has also studied literature and worked as a professional copywriter.

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Breathe life into your resume! With this go-to guide you'll: Get access to nearly sample resumes and cover letters Organize and draft your resume with the aid of helpful worksheets Discover the common elements in the most popular resume formats Learn to use vivid, active verbs in your resume Find out how to format and submit resumes electronically In today's job market, an effective, eye-catching resume is essential for success.

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Selected pages Title Page. Contents Introduction. Chapter 1 The Elements of an Effective Resume. Chapter 2 Writing Your Resume.