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The teachings of Dzogchen have been transmitted through both the Buddhist Nyingma tradition and the non-Buddhist Bon tradition of Tibet, as continuous lineages extending over years. Dzogchen means Total Perfection, and refers to the primordial state of each individual. After receiving transmission from a qualified master, we can directly awaken to the essence of mind, and familiarize ourselves with this through the teachings and practices of Dzogchen, with the goal of continuing this non-distracted, awakened state unbroken through out our daily life.

For further information on our activities in Japan please mail us to We practice together regularly sitting practice, Vajra dance, and Yantra yoga. Free use of retreat cabins at Merigar.

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The Mirror and Merigar Letter are included. A personnal e-mail account with acces to the Merigar website and photos is included. Publications of the Shang Shung Editions are free, and a nice present is offered, changing every year. All members are listed in the mailing lists of the Dzogchen Community receiving information and have access to the electronic publication The Mirror. NB: As Lings have the possibility to modify the conditions of the courses they organize, be sure to check by yourself the fee of the course, as well as the amount of reduced price you can have.

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