The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet

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Out of ignorance, some "experts" will even recommend that this diet could be "unsafe" for children. I wonder how all those children survived for eons before cooking was invented. Yet this diet is here to stay. People discovering its benefits develop such a zeal that they want to tell the world. It is so much more than a weight-loss diet. It is truly the diet that unveils our latent capacity to live in peace and harmony with mental and spiritual clarity.

I will always recall my first introduction to the world of living food. Why wasn't I convinced after a year of living with her? Hmmm, live food?

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Well that's fine, I thought, but I would just as soon eat what I love and spend money on supplements enzymes and vitamins for the things lost in the fire of cooked food. Besides, her diet was so boring! Little did I know that supplements could never compensate for ingredients in live food that are impossible to put in a tablet or liquid supplement, and little did I know at that time how to make raw food more appealing than cooked food.

I had no idea of the variety of tastes that I was missing out on! As I explain in Chapter 3, I was searching for the elusive "fountain of youth," the "silver bullet" that would give me more energy and halt or reverse aging. I thought it would be something that would probably cost a lot of money. When I discovered the living food diet, and experienced it firsthand, I realized that this was it!

I quickly read everything I could find on the topic, frequently "google-ing" the words "raw food" into the Internet search engine, as well as the Internet bookstore Amazon. I read about 70 books related to nutrition, including everything on raw food that I could find, within a year and another 30 the next two years.

I attended numerous workshops and lectures by long-term raw fooders. Usually when we think of a diet, we think of weight-loss. This book will show you that the power of what you eat - and refuse to eat - goes far beyond weight control. When properly nurtured, the body can heal itself of cancer, infertility, thyroid problems, asthma, diabetes and even sleepwalking, in addition to obesity. Surgery can almost always be avoided.

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You will read testimonials like these, and more, in Chapter 2. Even if you have already begun your journey into living foods, you will have with this book a compilation of nearly all the scientific studies that have been done to day illustrating the superiority of the raw diet, as well as many that implicate cooking in causing disease. In this book, I have answered the most frequently asked questions about the living foods diet. Is cooked food really toxic? And more importantly, could it be that relieving the body of the toxicity of cooked food would give your body a big enough boost to heal itself of disease?

What personal testimonials and experiments support this clam? Could it really be that a raw food diet can boost your mental ability as well? Won't a raw food diet make me feel cold and be impossible to do in winter?


How can I get my family to go raw? Does my pet also need this diet? And perhaps the most frequently asked question: How do you get enough protein? In this book you will find answers to all those questions and many more. You will learn how the raw food diet is a huge benefit for the environment and future generations. You will discover various ways to transition, choosing the way that is the most comfortable for you. You will learn how to make the diet work for you in practical terms, such as while traveling and in social situations.

There is even a chapter with over delicious raw recipes to get you started. What, you say? You've already tried this diet, but failed? In Chapter 18, you will learn many of the snares that trip people up when starting a living foods diet and how to avoid them. You will learn about the addictive nature of cooked food, as I have experienced myself, and how to break the addiction. But wait - if this diet is so great, why isn't is making the news?

One would think that such a dietary change that can enable the body to heal itself of diseases thought to be incurable such as cancer and even AIDS would be all over the front pages of newspapers and on the six o'clock news.

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Why do mainstream media publications portray the raw diet as just another Hollywood diet fad? You will discover, as I have, that there are powerful financial interests behind the cover-up and why this movement does not have big money to support its research. You will learn why it may never be more than just a grassroots movement - at least for a long time to come. In this book, you will learn how to empower yourself, taking back control of your health from the giant food processors and drug corporations. You will learn the secret long known by the natural hygienists: the body is the only true healer.

Your body can cleanse itself and heal itself of all disease if you practice the ten energy enhancers strictly enough and soon enough: cleanliness, pure air, adequate rest and sleep, a nontoxic raw diet, right temperatures, regular sunlight, regular exercise, emotional balance and nurturing relationships. Additional appendices will enlighten you on some of the radical branches of the raw food movement, scientific studies condemning cooked food, behavior modification techniques to break free from the cooked food habit and strict living strategies especially recommended for the immune impaired and those seeking their highest health potentials.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. Chia seeds are a great source of cell-strengthening omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and protect the skin from sun damage. Chia seeds are packed with soluble fiber that improves elimination and reduces bloating while making you feel fuller with fewer calories.

The Live Food Factor: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet

Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds Nutiva offers highly nutrient-dense chia seeds sustainably sourced from fair trade farms in central and south america. Non-GMO, organic and packaged in a light and heat resistant bag for maximum freshness and potency. Chickpeas also called garbanzo beans are antioxidant-rich legumes full of phytochemicals that boost immunity and aid in the absorption of other important beauty minerals.

As one of the best foods for skin beauty, they pack in the protein, fiber, folate, and trace minerals like zinc, the antioxidant beauty mineral that keeps skin clear and scalp healthy and promotes hair growth and strong nails. Chickpeas also contain copper and manganese, two important minerals for healthy, energetic, and youthful cells. Chickpeas are a fiber-rich source of complex carbohydrates that stabilize your blood sugar levels, staving off wrinkles and hormonal imbalance, making them an awesome beauty food to include in your diet for glowing, healthy skin.

Coconut oil, one of the best foods for skin , will change what you think about fats. Saturated fats like coconut oil are essential for healthy cell membranes and gorgeous skin, so they should be added to your diet for glowing skin. Ojio Organic Coconut Oil Ultra-high quality, delicious organic coconut oil sustainably harvested and low temperature extracted for maximum medicinal benefit.

Ojio uses a special centrifuge extraction process which gently extracts the oil from the coconut milk producing a delicious and lauric acid rich beauty enhancing food. Flaxseed, another one of the best foods for skin is full of phytochemicals called lignans that aid digestion and may help prevent breast cancer, thanks to their ability to mimic estrogens in the body. Ground flaxseed is an excellent plant source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, especially alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that the body converts to eicosapentaenoic acid EPA —the same fat-burning, collagen-boosting omega-3 found in fish oil.

Omega-3s decrease levels of a hormone that can be a factor in clogged pores and breakouts, and they ensure that your skin is healthy enough to retain moisture. Add ground flaxseed to your meals on your diet for healthy skin for extra fiber that supports healthy elimination, and protein for skin-damage repair. Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed Spectrum offers a cold processed, finely ground flaxseed powder packaged in an airtight resealable bag for maximum freshness and protection of omega-3 fatty acids.

Easy to add to smoothies and meals for its skin health promoting effects. Goji berries have the exceptional ability to defend mitochondrial health and protect against DNA damage, making them one of the all-time best foods for skin health and beauty. They also contain eighteen amino acids, as well as beauty minerals like iron, zinc, and copper, for gorgeous skin, hair, and nails.

Try them in trail mix or hot cereal as part of the healthy skin diet. Navitas Organic Goji Berries Navitas offers high-quality, organic goji berries sourced from their native growing regions and vine ripened during warm summer months for maximum nutrient density. A delicious beauty food that makes a great snack or topping for deserts and breakfast.

Shelled hemp seeds are a complete source of protein that support cell building and repair, for enviable skin, hair, and nails. Hemp seeds have lots of fiber for healthy elimination, as well as iron and zinc—more good news for your beauty. I love adding this beauty food for good skin to smoothies, hot cereals, salads, and desserts for a soft, nutty crunch.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Seeds Nutiva offers a sustainably grown and harvested organic hemp seed sourced from Canadian farms, one of the premiere growing regions for healthy, highly nutritious hemp seeds in the world. These delicious, skin health promoting hemp seeds make a great addition to almost any meal.

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Lentils are my favorite beautifying legumes, for their excellent protein content and blood sugar-stabilizing energy. Both protein and blood sugar stability are key for healthy, wrinkle-free, clear skin. The amino acid tryptophan in millet gets converted to feel-good serotonin in the body, keeping you happy and calm. Millet is also full of fiber that fills you up, maintains blood sugar stability, and feeds healthy bacteria in your digestive system, making it an essential part of any beauty diet. Nuts are little nuggets of healthy fats, protein, and beauty minerals that fill you up, sustain you, and travel easily, making them ideal beauty foods for our busy lives.

The selection of nuts in your pantry might change with your mood or with the seasons, so let your taste buds guide you. Nuts are one of the best foods for skin for many reasons.

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For instance, almonds are rich in vitamin E, for strong cell membranes and wrinkle prevention. Cashews are full of copper, which contributes to radiant hair pigmentation. Pistachios pack in the B6 for healthy, oxygenated blood. Always buy your nuts organic and raw, since roasted nuts often contain oxidized oils that create age-advancing free radicals and AGEs, while the healthy fats in raw nuts reduce inflammation in the body , making them a great food for healthy skin.

Oats are mineral-rich breakfast staples and another one of the best foods for skin elasticity.