World in Transition: Future Bioenergy and Sustainable Land Use

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Producing yet more food in these regions would not solve a food crisis halfway across the world.

Although a renewable energy source, burning biofuel does release carbon into the atmosphere. To be sustainable and carbon neutral, any biomass that is removed should also be replaced. Many people, including this recent article in The Guardian , connect the production of bioenergy from biomass with burning entire mature trees, and mark it as a contributing factor to deforestation.

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Large trees are not burned for energy in commercial forestry because a log is four to ten times more valuable to a sawmill than to a bioenergy plant. Instead, trees that are already harvested for material purposes like furniture or construction materials also contain bark, branches, tops and crooked parts that cannot be sawn into straight timber.

These feedstocks constitute by far the largest share of woody biomass burned for bioenergy in the EU. And if these feedstocks are not used for bioenergy, their carbon is also be released back into the atmosphere fairly quickly. Last but not least, a requirement for use as renewable energy in the Netherlands that the forest biomass is from sustainably managed forests, and thus regrown after harvest.

Under these conditions, Junginger believes that bioenergy is certainly not a driver for deforestation.

The truth about European biofuels -

Palm oil is imported to the EU from Indonesia to produce, among other things, shampoo, biodiesel and ice cream. A world of certification schemes exist to ensure that palm oil and all other biomass used to produce biofuels is sustainable. These schemes have a long list of requirements, including greenhouse gas emission reductions and ensuring no rainforest deforestation. Biodiesel available in the EU, for example, cannot come from oil palm plantations deforested after Considering the number of people that have to go without the energy to meet even the most basic of needs, it is time people made more efforts to save the energy that is still available.

Unless drastic measures are taken soon to ensure the available energy is used wisely and that other energy sources are soon established, the future is bound to be bleak. July 10, in Environment. Grooming With Heather: How to survive the liquidity crisis. Material flow analysis of aluminium in a dynamic system: Jeram sanitary landfill. Malaysian Journal of Science 3 1 , Arikunto, S. Prosedur penelitian suatu pendeketan praktek edisi Revisi V. Jakarta, Rineka Cipta. Ayres, R. Industrial metabolism.

German Advisory Council on Global Change – The Security & Sustainability Guide

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